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Mission & Goals

About Us

StagePlay is a theatre promoter based in Tokyo that brings theatrical troupes from several countries such as the UK, the US and Germany to Japan.

It is operated under Praia KK, originally a translation company founded in Tokyo in 1979 by Paulo Berwanger. Nowadays it handles translation in 77 languages. The amount of time this company has been in Japan and its international scope and variety alone are an example of the global understanding and passion for culture that is alive within its team and how much they understand how Japan and its rich culture fit within this global context.

StagePlay chooses performances from world-class theatre companies that tour all around the world to bring to Japan only the very best.


Midori Nishimura - Sales Coordinator and Management

Yui Okada - Tour Coordinator and Subtitle Operator

Paula Berwanger - Producer

To bring world-class theater to Japan.

To promote cultural exchange between all of those involved: audience and performing artists. 

To support Japan's culture and education through cultural exchange. To take the audience on a journey to other countries through theater.

To promote quality art and entertainment simultaneously.

To stimulate global understanding and tolerance through art and emotional empathy. Theater promotes understanding of those who are different from you and allows you to feel what they feel to understand them.

To show through stories that all humans from all countries are filled with depth.

To provide schools and universities with plays worthy of studying in the classroom due to their cultural and historical value within the theatrical history of humanity.

To allow students to see live what they have been studying in the classroom.

To promote language learning, combining spoken dialogue and subtitles.

Language is not just words, it's expression, emotion, meaning, intention. Through theater, there can be a much richer and deeper understanding of language.

To make quality theater accessible, providing it for universities, schools, independent venues and public performances.

To provide high-class subtitle translations for high-class text.

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