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What is the ITCL Tour

in Japan?

The International Theatre Company London is a company from England that comes to Japan once a year to perform classical British plays on tour. Japanese language subtitles are provided

for every production.
In 2020, ITCL will come to Japan for the 47th time with Shakespeare's Othello.

Subtitles are available both vertically and horizontally.

Photo: Romeo and Juliet (2018) - Kansai Gaidai University

Why book ITCL:

Educational purposes

Culture and Art

English Language Studies

World Studies


Theatrical Studies

Literature Studies




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For Institutions

Several universities and schools in Japan book our private performances as an educational service to their students.

For Venues

If you represent a venue and would like to host ITCL for a public performance (ticket sales), please contact us.

For Individuals

Individual tickets are sold for our public performances. You may reserve tickets in advance for yourself, family and friends.

2020's Performance

On Stage

Actors playing the characters Othello and Desdemona.

All cast and crew come from England knowing how to set up their play and operate their equipment.

deathbed 12.jpg
On Stage

ITCL is able to perform with a minimalistic set and with few actors playing multiples roles, which enables them to travel and perform anywhere.

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